QA is everyone’s responsiblity!

There’s a COHAA event coming up this week that you ATDD folks might be interested in… I always enjoy Cheezy’s presentations, and he says this one is going to be extra crazy. I don’t know what that means but I’m curious to find out! (This is separate from our regularly scheduled ATDD meeting on Nov. 1.)

Who is responsible for QA on an Agile team? The answer is “Everybody”. And yet this is rarely the case. Often the Testers write their test cases and automation in isolation and execute them after development is finished. Developers write their code without talking to the testers except to understand how to reproduce the latest discovered defect. Product Owners elaborate requirements in isolation and then hand them off to the team only to check back at the end of the sprint. Business Analysts spend their time in meetings away from the team working on documents that have questionable usefulness.

Join Cheezy as he engages the audience and paints a different picture. This picture includes techniques and practices that foster collaboration between all team members that have the side effects of dramatically improving quality and achieving better flow resulting in a more streamlined development effort. This new picture is a picture of teamwork and quality assurance.

For more info, or to sign up, go here.


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