August meeting announcement – ATDD: Why should agile have all the fun

ATDD was born out of behavior-driven development. It is traditionally only practiced in agile shops because the SCRUM process forces the team to discuss small User Stories early, agree upon Acceptance Criteria, and easily create some Acceptance Test scripts before code is written. The result is usually precise code delivered quickly which meets the acceptance criteria. Waterfall projects typically don’t flow so smooth. Acceptance Test scripts are traditionally created and managed by the business; what is usually not very involved in waterfall projects. So the team rarely ever sees these scripts resulting in code being delivered that doesn’t always hit the mark. In this presentation Mr. Eakin will demonstrate that implementing ATDD in waterfall shops is not only easy to do, it can actually speed up the process.

Matt has been in the IT world for many years with a focus in the last dozen years on software testing and quality assurance. In his current role as a Manager with Sogeti, USA’s Managed Testing Practice, Matt has become a National leader on Agile Testing. He has created a number of training workshops for clients including a 2-day Agile Testing Workshop, a 2-3 day Ruby Training Workshop, a Gherkin Scripting class, an ATDD class, and additional classes on various Agile Testing topics.

Thank you Cardinal Solutions for hosting us and sponsoring lunch!

Parking details –

1. Follow instructions listed here.

2. The garage has monthly (north part of Front street) and daily parking (south part of Front street). You will want to use the Daily parking area.

3. You might also need to go to the top floors of the garage to find spaces during the lunch hour. Their office is a short walk from there.

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Meeting Details –

Thursday, August 7, 2014
11:30 AM

Cardinal Solutions
401 N Front St
Suite 210
Columbus, OH