Aim, Fire, Ready! – March 5, 2015 at 11:30am at QSI

Aim, Fire, Ready!
When teams first begin to explore automation, sometimes in our enthusiasm we jump in with both feet and start writing Given/When/Then steps before thinking about our overall approach. When this happens, we can easily find ourselves accumulating technical debt as quickly as we are accumulating tests!  Regardless of where you are in your journey to automation, there are practices you can begin to put in place tomorrow to get staged for automation and be better positioned to move forward. Join me as I share discussions, decisions and learnings one team made as we explored and implemented automated functional testing within the iteration.
Terry Wiegmann, CSQE, CBAP and PSPO is a Director with Quick Solutions and longtime practitioner of various software development methods; an author whose work has appeared in StickyMinds, AgileConnection and Best Practices for Better Business Analysis; and a presenter at national and regional analysis, quality and agile conferences. She has shared her enthusiasm and quest for learning with the community by helping found the COQAA Requirements SIG and was charter president of the Columbus Chapter of the IIBA.