April 2, 2015 – ATDD User Group Meeting – Gherkin as Software Specification – Dane Andersen

Gherkin as Software Specification

Gherkin is a “language” for specifying software. Cucumber is a test runner that executes tests hooked to

specifications written in gherkin. The cucumber test runner has become ubiquitous in the testing

community. Due to focus on testing and reuse, the specification value is often left behind.

I seek to show:

  • Gherkin’s greatest value is in specifying software and verifying specifications, not in writing tests
  • A brief spec is better for communication.
  • We do not need to sacrifice the value of the specification to ensure good testing.

To support these points I will also be introducing a testing tool called rspec-gherkin.


Dane Andersen is a Consultant at Improving Enterprises and contributor to the open source community.

He is a software engineer who specializes in automation testing and agile methodologies. He is

passionate about the role of testing in the creation of high quality software.


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