4/6/17 Meeting – Kelsey Shannahan speaks on Making a Mock

Come hear Kelsey Shannahan speak on “Making a Mock”

Testing within a closed system is easy. Everything is generally accessible and can be interacted with freely. But what happens when the application requires integration with one or more third parties in order to function? In unit tests, we can use mocks and there are many Ruby libraries to make that happen. However, this doesn’t help us much when we’re testing deployed code in end-to-end scenarios or exploratory tests. The solution I found was to build a mock application to mimic the third party. This talk will cover the process and tools used to build the application, the advantages/disadvantages it provides, and explain how this mock is utilized in real-world situations.

CoverMyMeds will host this ATDD User Group meeting.

2 Miranova Pl
Floor 12
Columbus, Ohio 43215


Please pull up to the front of the building and use the valet service. No need to tip or payment is needed, it is a complimentary service.

Once in the building, go to the elevators and come up to 12. They may need to use the box to buzz the receptionists to get out of the elevator lobby. There will be people there to escort you to the meeting.

GiveBackHack Columbus: Bring Socially-Conscious Ideas into an Reality

GiveBackHack Columbus: Bring Socially-Conscious Ideas into an Reality
(March 31st – April 2nd at CCAD MindMarket)

GiveBackHack is a weekend-long event that brings together passionate community members to develop sustainable, technology-based solutions to some of our most pressing social issues. We are the launchpad for social innovation you need to turn an idea into a reality. Attendees from various backgrounds (designers, developers, students, entrepreneurial folks, engaged citizens and more) come together to discuss social enterprise ideas, forms teams around them and then build them throughout the weekend with help of top-tier mentors like Doug Ulman (Pelotonia) or Calvin Cooper (NCT Ventures).

BUT it doesn’t end there – GiveBackHack continues on past the weekend to make sustainable change and help teams find the resources they need to sustain their business and impact.

RSVP now with the code CBUSATDD for $10 off your ticket.

Cuke Tools for You, 3/2/2017 11:30am

Come hear Eric Kessler speak about cucumber tools such as CQL, Cuke Commander among others.

Held at

Improving Enterprises
One Easton Oval
Suite 175
Columbus, Ohio 43219

Feb 2, 2017 – Come learn about WATiR v6

WATIR v6 has been released.  Come learn what is new and what is the same.  FYI, this isn’t the old watir-classic!  There are exciting things afoot as webdriver continues its advance through the W3C standards process.  We will discuss and demonstrate a few of the critical changes with Watir.



Improving Enterprises

One Easton Oval, Columbus, Ohio 43219, Suite 175, Columbus, OH

Dec 1, 2016, Jan 5, 2017 Cancelled Meetings

Columbus ATDD Developers Group, scheduled to occur on Thursday, December 1, 2016 and January 5, 2017 has been cancelled for the holidays.  We’ll see you again in February 2017.

Happy Holidays.

Nov 3 ATDD User Group – Elixir/Hound

Come see a demo of Elixir/Hound in action.  During this demo by Centric’s Donavan Stanley he will demo the Elixir/Hound marriage.

Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications. Elixir leverages the Erlang VM, known for running low-latency, distributed and fault-tolerant systems, while also being successfully used in web development and the embedded software domain .  Phoenix framework is a nice Elixir web-framework with very useful features. Hound is a library to write browser-based integration tests in Elixir (and also automate browsers if you like).

This is a marriage of functional programming with test automation that could be the way to the future for building scalable, distributed, fault-tolerant test suites.

This Meetup is hosted by Improving and will be 1 Easton Oval. 

10/6/2016 Meeting – at CMM

CoverMyMeds is proud to host this month’s ATDD User Group.  We we do a facilitated discussion focused on test triage.  What works, what doesn’t, what tools help triage tests faster.  We can’t wait to see you all!

2 Miranova Pl
Floor 12
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Visitor parking is available on the Orange Level (Level 1) of the parking garage. Enter from Mound Street. Take the elevators or stairs from the garage to Level 3 (Lobby), then take lobby elevators to the 12th floor.

See you Thurs!