March 2018 Meetup Cancelled

Due to proximity to QA or the Highway conference, we are cancelling this meet up.  See you in April.


Feb 1 Meetup Details Released!

Come see Donavan Stanley Speak on C^2POE: – Centric Consulting Page Object Experiments: Introducing Captain Hook

Centric Consulting has had the opportunity to execute numerous automation projects over the years, giving us the privilege to see hundreds of solutions to the same sets of problems.  Some solutions proved to be well thought-out and architected, while others did not. In response to what we learned from our experience on the projects, we started building C2POE to share solutions to some of the common problems that don’t already have credible off the shelf solutions.

In this presentation, we will discuss one of our experiments designed to make managing Page State easier and reduce the amount of defensive code in your automation suites. Captain Hook provides a mechanism to apply before/after hooks to arbitrary methods on objects.

  • Need to make sure an element is scrolled into view every time before interaction?

  • Need a complex series of events fired before/ after interacting with a field?

  • Want to make sure that navigation completes before returning control?

Captain Hook can handle these complexities behind the scenes while keeping your code DRY and clean.


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Jan 4 2018 ATDD User Group Meeting – Cucumber 3.0.0 and Beyond – Thomas Haver

Cucumber 3.0.0 and Beyond

Cucumber is a tool that supports Behavior Driven Development (BDD), a software development practice that promotes collaboration. Cucumber will execute specifications written in plain language and generate reports to reveal the behavior of software against expectations. In Fall 2017, the Cucumber core team formally released Cucumber version 3.0.0, introducing changes that will shift how developers use the tool. Among those changes are Cucumber Expressions, updated Tag Expressions, Retry & Flaky Status, Strict Mode, and a new Events API. In the presentation, the audience will learn about the new features of Cucumber and how to integrate them into their existing automation suite.

Thomas Haver is presently serving as the Senior Application Architect for Huntington National Bank. He is responsible for the conversion from manual testing to Ruby/Cucumber automation for the entire enterprise. Originally accountable for the development and maintenance of automation frameworks for Digital Channels, he now leads the automation effort for over 70 applications across Huntington that encompass testing, metrics & reporting, data, and environment. Thomas leads the training & technical support for both on-site employees as well as offshore contractors. He has developed test strategies and assisted in coordination between multiple lines to improve delivery effectiveness & resource flexibility. Thomas is a scientist turned baker turned technology professional. He started as a research scientist in fluorescence microscopy & spectroscopy, and has worked at three different R1 research institutes. In IT, he has worked as a tester, a developer, a requirements analyst, and finally as an application architect.



1 Easton Oval #175 · Columbus, OH


December 7, 2017 ATDD User Group Meeting

SQL! Who said Anything about SQL by Aaron Swerlein

Data management is a crucial aspect of any project and frequent pain point for QA.  Automation can be leveraged to yield multiple benefits when handling databases. These benefits include: (1) reducing time to create/maintain and remove ‘test’ data; (2) ensuring all data manipulation & scenarios are covered; (3) automating deployment to production and production-like environments; and (4) less manual effort invested. Automating these redundant activities help ensure testers can spend more time on valuable tasks that require human involvement. Attendees will learn each level of automation from data management to the database itself, as well as tools to enable the use of automation of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations.

About Aaron

Aaron is an Application Architect at Huntington National Bank. He’s presently supporting multiple business segments across Huntington building automation frameworks and training application teams.  His scope of work includes desktop applications, web-based applications, databases, services, and remote server validations. Previously, Aaron served as a Sr. Automation Developer with Nationwide Insurance focusing on test automation around the ETL process.  He loves working with Ruby, PERL, and SQL.


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November 9, 2017 ATDD User Group Meeting

Practical API Testing – by Andy Griffin

Many members of the IT community are just gaining experience testing with web API’s. Testing API’s can be intimidating compared to those comfortable GUI’s, but the world of requests and responses is full of opportunities. Perhaps your team isn’t sure where API testing fits into your SDLC or your organization doesn’t believe API’s should be tested directly at all. Even if you have no idea what API even stands for or how to being to approach testing, we will address those questions in this session. Those in attendance will be provided with an overview on how your team should approach API testing as part of your test strategy. We will also provide working examples on interacting with services via automation testing.

About Andy

Andy presently works as an Application Architect at Huntington National Bank, with a focus on automation development. He graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Computer Science, and has subsequently worked at multiple large firms in Central Ohio. His experience includes leading testing teams updating legacy applications, coordinating quality assurance efforts on teams from the ground-up, and architecting automation frameworks for enterprise applications. In his spare time, Andy enjoys traveling, golfing, fantasy football, and dominating at kickball.


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Oct 4th 2017 Meeting – Featuring Joshua Russell and OLE Automation


For test automation, every platform is a challenge which requires a unique solution. For many native applications in a Windows environment, the appropriate automation solution is OLE Automation. Use Ruby and WIN32OLE to automate tests for native Windows applications.


My name is Joshua Russell. I’m a test automation developer for Huntington Bank. I have written test automation for web applications, native desktop applications, mainframe applications, and mobile applications. I am driven by the technical challenges of writing code, and enjoy the relative freedom of writing code for the purpose of test automation. I aim to improve my work by learning new tools and techniques, adopting good coding standards, and practicing the habits of an effective programmer.


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September 2017 Meeting Cancelled

This month’s meeting is cancelled.  Please contact me at joseph dot ours at gmail if you would like to speak.