GiveBackHack Columbus: Bring Socially-Conscious Ideas into an Reality

GiveBackHack Columbus: Bring Socially-Conscious Ideas into an Reality
(March 31st – April 2nd at CCAD MindMarket)

GiveBackHack is a weekend-long event that brings together passionate community members to develop sustainable, technology-based solutions to some of our most pressing social issues. We are the launchpad for social innovation you need to turn an idea into a reality. Attendees from various backgrounds (designers, developers, students, entrepreneurial folks, engaged citizens and more) come together to discuss social enterprise ideas, forms teams around them and then build them throughout the weekend with help of top-tier mentors like Doug Ulman (Pelotonia) or Calvin Cooper (NCT Ventures).

BUT it doesn’t end there – GiveBackHack continues on past the weekend to make sustainable change and help teams find the resources they need to sustain their business and impact.

RSVP now with the code CBUSATDD for $10 off your ticket.